Dates: 9 - 13 March 2020
Location: EMBL-EBI, Cambridgeshire, UK
Hosted by: the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

The Computational Modeling in Biology Network (COMBINE) is an initiative to coordinate the development of the various community standards and formats in systems biology, synthetic biology and related fields. HARMONY is a codefest-type meeting, with a focus on development of the standards, interoperability and infrastructure. There are generally not many general discussions or oral presentations during HARMONY; instead, the time is devoted to allowing hands-on hacking and interaction between people focused on practical development of software and standards.


Lightning talks abstracts

Poster abstracts



Local activity ideas

Travel and accommodations

Code of conduct

Important dates

Registration deadline: February 14 (NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED) Registration Closed. If you have already registered, please submit your abstract using the online form

Cancellation deadline: up to 30 days before event
Poster submission deadline: February 21
First day of workshop: March 09
Group dinner: March 11
Last day of workshop: March 13


The focus of HARMONY will be breakout sessions to discuss the development of individual COMBINE standards and specifically their implementations in software tools, modeling platforms, and databases.

At the beginning of HARMONY, we encourage people to do lightning talks. These are intended to last no more than 5 minutes; the topic can range from a software tool you are producing with COMBINE standards (e.g., CellML, SBGN, SBML, SED-ML, etc.), to difficulties you are encountering with standards and their implementation, or requirements you have for your tools that are not yet covered. This is an opportunity to find out what people are doing with COMBINE standards and discuss with other people in the community. During the meeting the agenda also will be constantly adapted as needed to cater the requirements and needs of attendees.


HARMONY 2020 will be held in Hinxton, Cambridgeshire UK, on the Wellcome Genome Campus at the EBI. The address is: Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SD, United Kingdom. Please see our EBI's Location Information for more information about how to get to EMBL-EBI and our Travel Page for more information on hotel recommendation.

Remote Participation

Arrangements have been made to allow remote participation in all plenary sessions. Please follow the link to the living document with details.

Individual breakout session leaders are requested to arrange their own TC and update the details in the living document


Fees for the event is £100

  • Dinner on March 11: £50 (@ Clare College, Cambridge)

Please register using the online form.

Cancellation policy:

  • All cancellations received 30 days before the events are eligible for a refund of fees paid.

Travel Grants for US-Based Students

A small amount of funds are available US National Science Foundation (NSF) to help support travel, lodging, and registration fees for US-based students ONLY. To be considered for this support, please fill out the application form (https://forms.gle/TURp2tDosaF5UJ826) no later than February 1st.

Funding acknowledgments

Support for HARMONY 2020 is being provided by the EMBL


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Some travel support for HARMONY 2020 is being provided by the European COST Action CHARME


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Local Organizers

COMBINE Coordinators

Contact for scientific organization: Combine Coordination

For local organisational issues and detailed inquiries please contact:
Kathryn Holmes, EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, UK
Rahuman Sheriff, EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, UK